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cooper christy

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Feb 1 '13

Baby Footwear

News flash: babies are small. They’re also wiggly and they change outfits about 10 times a day.  So why footwear?  Because ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? On the cute-o-meter, baby footwear is off the charts.  But these three in particular are also great quality and stay on Cooper which makes them a huge win in the Christy house.

Babylegs legwarmers - yes, legwarmers for babies. Good for quick diaper change access and great for wooing the ladies.  A guaranteed squeal among women 18+.

Osh Kosh Hiking boots - velcro? furry lining? style? Perfect. Nothing accommodates the baby on the go better - and I never know when Coop will suggest we hit the trails. Thanks Uncle Charles & Auntie Deb!

Trumpette socks - I promise I’m not being paid for this but these are the best baby socks ever.  Long enough to stay on his feet.  Stylish enough for Cooper to want them on his feet (he’s very discriminating for 5 weeks old).  Thanks Nana Kay!

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