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cooper christy

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Jul 29 '14

Hmmmm, it’d be so awesome to have something on my head right now.

This is great! Who needs eyes? I’ll just walk around like this all da….

Ow, what is that?

Mama, I didn’t see the door with that stuff on my head.

But I looked pretty cool didn’t I? Can you put it back on for me?

Jul 27 '14

Tired Baby

These pictures were taken within one minute of each other.

Jul 25 '14

Double Boot Trouble.

Jul 25 '14

Mischief Math 

One simple boot
+ One realization that a baby arm fits perfectly into said boot

= one very pleased little boy

(and one very displeased mama)

Jul 24 '14

My child’s blonde hair may not make him look Italian, but watch the hands as he talks. He can barely make his mouth form the words but he’s got the hand movements down.

I’m so proud.

Jul 22 '14

A few more from the party.  Cause, you know, how often does a lady get to kiss a sailor and her husband STILL gives her the nicest toast of the decade?

Jul 22 '14

A few pics from the weekend.

Normally I don’t like to just dump a series of mismatched pictures. But we had a busy weekend and before any more time went past, I wanted to get a few of these up.

Cooper is crying right now so here is the summary:
- 40s party for a 40th birthday!
- Sylvia just moved into the neighborhood and is only 6 blocks away now!
- Cooper doesn’t love mornings this week

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Jul 18 '14

Babies taking care of babies.

I learned today that every day Cooper gets out the babydolls, lays them beside him, covers them with their little blankeys and then pats lovingly on their backs until they “go to sleep.”

Your innards just contracted with cute overload didn’t they? I know. Mine too.

Jul 16 '14

Evening Chores:

1) pick up the watering can
2) water the dahlia
3) have mama refill the watering can
4) bring watering can up the stairs
5) bring watering can down the stairs
6) water the coleus
7) repeat tomorrow night

Jul 15 '14

Bathtime mugging, part 3

Jul 15 '14

Bathtime mugging, part 2

Jul 15 '14

Bathtime mugging, part 1

Tonight Cooper was being a real ham in the bath so naturally I took as many pictures as possible.

Some are blurry and there are more to come because looking at these pictures, I am completely incapable of objectively culling down this to a reasonable number to post.

Enjoy naked baby time.

Jul 14 '14

Dad! Come on!

Every now and then Cooper decides there is a very important job that needs to be done.  Not by him.  But by his parents.  This weekend, it was watering the flower pots.  Not the flowers.  The flower pots.  The ones Dad had gotten out of the garage while he was cleaning it. As you can see, he’s pretty insistent about making sure we get on this task. 

Oh whooops, did I say “Every now and then?”  

Hahahahahaha.  I meant ‘Every day of every week.”  

He’s a very, very busy little boy. 

Jul 13 '14

Always helping.

Jul 13 '14

Mischief Maker


Just another day in the life of Coop.